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Text structure#


Denotes metalinguistic markers, comments, editorial inserts or quotations, i.e. layers of text

NRR Narrative#

The default register, normal statement. When telling stories denotes SPEAKER's version of the story.

no marker

DSV Discursive#

THIS a speech quotation of THIS-UNDECORATED as a text, direct speech without evaluation.

I said “Hello, world!”

lu .. li'u no marker but sei for marking the rest of the context

PTH Parenthetical#

THIS is a parenthetical insertion in THIS-UNDECORATED text, THIS as an inline comment.

And then Alice saw (you can imagine her face!) the Queen.

to … toi

COG Cogitant#

THIS is an insertion of speaker's thoughts described as THIS-UNDECORATED text. Corresponds to narrator's voice in movies or speaking out musings of heroes.

to'i … toi, sa'a

IPR Impressionistic#

THIS is a piece of speaker's empathic feelings or thoughts described as THIS-UNDECORATED, THIS-UNDECORATED is a comment to the CONTEXT narrative.

And Alice jumped in ... fear! ... and she started flying down.

to'i … toi, sa'a