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Scopal hierarchy of the Ithkuil categories#

Compiled by Ilmen and published at

Categories are sorted by semantic precedence.

  • Bias
  • Illocution
  • Sanction + Validation
  • Mood
  • Case + Register
  • Relation
  • Context
  • Derivation: NA1, COO
  • Aspect_A2
  • Modality
  • Derivation: others (some VxC suffixes might have exceptional precedence rules)
  • Essence
  • Perspective (except Unbounded, which is under the scope of Configuration/Affiliation)
  • Valence
  • Version
  • Derivation??
  • Aspect_A1 / Aspect_F / Aspect_AA
  • Derivation??
  • Phase
  • Extension
  • Configuration + Affiliation
  • Function
  • Root + Stem + Pattern + Designation + SSD


  • Aspect_F = Aspect on Formatives;
  • Aspect_A1, Aspect_A2 = First and second Aspectual slots on Adjuncts;
  • Aspect_AA = Aspectual Adjunct.

Technical info: reasoning behind such understanding#

Contains quotations from website

category_applied_last → category_applied_first; ↝ indicates incertainty.

@2.1.1.E6: /qhûl-lyai’svukšei’arpîptó’ks#

‘...being hard to believe, after allegedly trying to go back to repeatedly inspiring fear using rag-tag groups of suspicious-looking clowns, despite resistance’

  • Bias → Case ↝ Sanction → Version → Aspect_F → Phase → Configuration-Affiliation → Perspective:Unbounded → Derivation*
  • Version → Configuration-Affiliation

@5.0: hruštrul-lyö’ň ˉhničʰâçtàu’watkwöu​​​​​​#

‘…despite presumably being on the verge, contrary to the allegation, of just so happening to want to succeed in maybe ordering a periodic return to the honorable practice of superlative architecture for others to follow by example.’

  • Case → Validation → Aspect_A2 ↝ Sanction → Bias → Modality → Version → Mood? → Phase → Aspect_A1 → Configuration-Affiliation → Root-Stem-Pattern-Designation
  • Modality → Valence

@5.10.E3: Çtar-ryo igraleiţrar eglulôn.#

‘If only the physician wouldn’t always eat his food in one gulp like that.’

  • Illocution → Derivation:NA1₁ → Aspect_A2 → Derivation:EXT₂ → Aspect_A1

@5.10.E4: Lêr-rwia hwaixtasár öqeil.#

‘I'd venture to say the man won't be able to resume working anytime soon.’

  • Sanction → Derivation:NA1₁ ↝ Aspect_A2 → Modality → Aspect_A1

@6.1.31.E2: Hëtiun-n ivogwařļokkai ţei.#

  • Modality → Derivation₁

@6.1.31.E4: Ur-rwu ivadya âbyeil.#

‘The dog wanted to play some more.’

  • Aspect_A2 → Modality → Aspect_A1

@Ozkavarkúi: Uns aeň-ňwa tei pšalitʰukta#

‘I need to stop all this right now’ * Modality → Aspect_A1 ↝ Derivation

@Ozkavarkúi: ihwaiksnaifqlarzaù#

‘trying to offer advice steeped in ignorance’

  • Valence → Version

@Texts: Aukkras êqutta ogvëuļa tnou’elkwa pal-lši augwaikštülnàmbu.#

‘An imaginary representation of a nude woman in the midst of descending a staircase in a step-by-step series of tightly-integrated ambulatory bodily movements which combine into a three-dimensional wake behind her, forming a timeless, emergent whole to be considered intellectually, emotionally and aesthetically.’

  • Aspect_A2 → Aspect_A1 ↝ Phase

@Texts.Greetings: Ükhu attál în-n uhednaláň.#

‘I bid you greetings and may there be peace through fellowship between us.’

  • Derivation:COO₁ → Modality → Valence

@Texts.Lord: Îl-lm ¯euč’ane tehwei driocaipšé kû#

‘May your kingdom come to exist among us’

  • Modality → Aspect_A1

@Texts.Litany: Iun-niu ti casexh.#

‘I intend only my existence to continue.’

  • Modality → Aspect_A2 → Derivation

@Kšêlmaštöö: Eim-m eíšxhei ehikʰal èiżôřče’löe#

‘Maybe we should team up with them and piss away the night’

  • Mood → Modality → Valence ↝ Version

@Kšêlmaštöö: öheixča’alèmtûţ ekšutùëp#

‘as the other clowns take turns applying the gas bags one by one’

  • Valence ↝ Version → Derivation

@Kšêlmaštöö: u ëikòituant#

  • Aspect_AA → Derivation

@Îndarna: Wëksâň-ňša#

  • Illocution → Aspect_A1 → Modality

@Uňk’àtân: e uitçeicawulorňo#

  • Aspect_AA → Derivation