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Here is copyright-free unofficial libre documentation on Ithkuil language. Ithkuil was invented by John Quijada and published at in 2011 and 2015.

The documentation is currently in progress.

The documentation has explanations in English and Lojban.

Special thanks to these users: la stela selckiku, la gejyspa, Daniel Satanove, Ečnasöfuqt Elaešqumžaubv, Azrael Gnosis.

The core of this document was written in 2013.

Send any suggestions to or just add issues at Glekwille source repository.

Ithkuil and related stuff is discussed in Ithkuil chats in Discord messenger.

Public Domain Mark
This work (Glekwille, by Gleki Arxokuna), identified by Gleki Arxokuna, is free of known copyright restrictions.


  • THIS denotes the formative (word), to which the affix in question is attached.
  • THIS-UNDECORATED denotes the formative before attaching the affix in question.
  • CONTEXT denotes the current semantic context, environment or universe of discourse, which is described by the current formative and possibly other formatives.
  • ANOTHER denotes another participant of CONTEXT distinct from THIS.
  • ATTACHED denotes the connected semantic context, presupposition, events or fact mentioned earlier or to be mentioned or assumed from CONTEXT.
  • SPEAKER is the one who says the current text.

Roughly, THIS corresponds to the current word, CONTEXT to the current clause/sentence/case frame and ANOTHER to another noun in CONTEXT. ATTACHED are usually previous sentences or a greater context that led to the current more narrow CONTEXT.